Residential Department Management

Residential Department Management

Managing Residential Departments in SETWorks

Did you know you can use SETWorks for Residential Department Management? 
Use the following article as a reference guide during configuration to get started. 


First, visit the Maintain Privileges section and ensure that the appropriate staff have access to the Department Management area. 
Settings > Provider Build > Maintain Privileges > Global:
Enable Department Management.
This will activate an icon shaped like a house at the top right of your screen. 

In addition, review the privileges located under Settings > Provider Build > Maintain Privileges > Department Management to control with Role(s) are able to view and make changes. 

Department Utility

Next, navigate to the Department Utility. Ensure that every Residential Department has the following Type Code entered:

For Residential Services please use the typecode of RESIDENTIAL.
Only residential departments will appear in the residential management view. 

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