Mantaining goals

Maintaining Goals

How Do Goals Work?

Administrators, Managers

Terminology can be modified within SETWorks to better fit the needs of your organization. If the terminology in our articles are not the same on your site, talk to your local administrator to assist in translation.

"Outcomes" and "Goals" are the default names used by SETWorks. Utilities and Privileges will refer to these areas as Outcomes and Goals, but your Implementation director may assist you in re-naming these. Speak with your Implementation director about what terminology is used in your SETWorks so that you are familiar with the terms used. Some common terms:
Action Steps

Goals are assigned to consumers.  For each goal, a number of data points are tracked, e.g. authorizations/services that the consumer has, start/end dates, completion information, and more.

Activity Records (ie. progress notes) can be completed on a daily basis, which can include goals to be documented on, utilizing both narrative and task analysis (e.g. verbal prompts) approaches.

Goal information and associated progress note information can be automatically populated within forms (e.g. Monthly or Quarterly forms, Goal Plan forms).

Many different reports are available to export or print progress on goals.

Maintaining Consumer Goals

Open a consumer record.

Click on the Goals tab.

Adding Goals

Note:  When adding goals, one or more authorizations are linked to each goal.  Therefore, prior to adding goals, authorizations must first be entered.

Open a consumer record.
Click on the Goals tab.
Depending on how your organization has configured goals, the goals tables will have a similar layout as the below example screen shot.
To add an outcome, goal, or step, click on the + add outcome/goal/step link at the bottom of each table.

Note the two tables, Outcomes and Goals and Steps.  These tables are related in a hierarchical fashion. One Outcome/Goal may have many different Steps. In the above example, there is an Outcome
Newton will have control of his daily life, with a Goal.
Newton will maintain his ability to complete chores. That goal has multiple Steps associated to it (in the bottom table), i.e. Newton will have the opportunity to choose the chores he completes and Newton will keep a notebook with the chores he has decided to take responsibility for. The naming of these concepts (Outcome/Goal/Step) are completely configurable by your organization.

Once the outcomes/goals/steps have been added, each applicable goal will display when documenting an Activity Record.


Goals and Outcomes - Active/Inactive
If a goal or outcome has ever been used for documentation, don't mark it as inactive. Doing so will remove the goal and outcome from some forms and reports. Active/Inactive checkbox is for situations where the goal was a mistake or duplicate. 
Active (Unexpired) and Active (Unexpired Goals)
If an Outcome was created but never used it will appear in the default view of Active (Unexpired Goals). If the Outcome is then tied to an active Goal/Step it will remain in the Active (Unexpired Goals). Once the goal expires, the Outcome will be moved out of the Active (Unexpired Goals) and into the Active section.
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