Authorization Overview Report - Best Practices

Authorization Overview Report - Best Practices

How can I effectively use the following reports? 

  1. Authorization Overview Report with Frequency Information
  2. Authorization Overview Report with Frequency Information, Units and Percentage
The Authorization Overview Report is a versatile report that can be used for a few different tasks: 
  1. Viewing hours used and hours remaining at a glance
  2. Finding consumers without Authorizations
Terminology can be modified within SETWorks to better fit the needs of your organization. If the terminology in our articles are not the same on your site, talk to your local administrator to assist in translation.

Here's how we typically recommend using these reports:

  1. Select a consumer.
  2. Set the From Date Range to any date before the earliest authorization begins. (In the example we use 1/1/2010)
  3. Set the To Date Range to any date after the last authorization ends. (In the example below we use 1/1/2030)
  4. Generate the report.

View the information within SETWorks, or export to another program such as Microsoft Excel for easy manipulation. 
The Hours, Hours Used, and Hours Remain columns display the total hours, amount of hours consumed, and amount of hours remaining, respectively. 

Use the Include all Consumers checkbox to display all consumers regardless of whether they have an authorization. 
If a consumer has no authorization, they will be displayed at the top of the report. 

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