Activity Records & Signature Workflow

Activity Records & Signature Workflow

What happens when I sign an Activity Record?

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In SETWorks, both staff and managers have the ability to sign Activity Records.
Prior signatures to an Activity Record (AR) cannot be reinstated after a record is updated. If the incorrect person updates an AR, the update will remove their signature. This allows the correct staff to resign, and then the record can be counter signed by the manager.

Please see the below table to view the workflow for staff and manager signatures in SETWorks:
Signs AR
AR is eligible for counter-signature by Manager. AR is made available to Manager in the Review & Sign (Activity Records) screen. Making updates to AR will result in removing Staff's own signature.
Updates AR
AR signature is removed and must be resigned by Staff to again be eligible for Manager counter signature.
Signs AR
AR is locked for billing and Staff can no longer make updates to the record. Making updates to AR will result in removing Manager's own signature.
Updates AR
Manager signature is removed and the AR is unlocked. Staff can now make updates to the AR, if needed. AR must be resigned by Staff to again be eligible for Manager counter signature.

Staff Signature Privilege

Settings > Provider Build > Maintain Privileges > Activity Records:
Staff signature is required prior to a manager being able to counter sign.
Note : If this privilege is disabled, a Manager's signature can be used to lock the Activity Record for billing as both signature and counter signature. In this case, Staff signature will not appear on the AR. It is SETWorks recommendation to enable this privilege and require staff signature.

Can sign Activity Records in the Manager/Reviewed field and edit Comments.
Is able to edit content of an Activity Record after signatures have been added. (Must also have the privilege, "Is able to sign Activity Records as a manager" enabled). 

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