SETWorks Oregon User Group (10/21 11:00am PDT)

SETWorks Oregon User Group (10/21 11:00am PDT)

We're super excited to see everyone tomorrow at 11:00am (PDT) through this Zoom link. There are now eight providers using SETWorks in Oregon!

For all the latest SETWorks Oregon-specific updates, please go to this page on the Knowledge Base and click Follow. This is the best way to stay up-to-date on Oregon updates and ask questions. We've also created a State-Specific Features for Oregon section on the Knowledge Base. A direct link can be found here.

There are at least two items I'd like to discuss as a group. Please reply to this email if there are other topics you are interested in discussing and I'll make sure we get to them tomorrow.

ODDS and VR Form Updates
There are two forms are already completed in SETWorks and I can enable them right away if you'd like (reply to this email):

Oregon VR Monthly Job Coaching Report
Oregon DDS Person Centered Information (Adult)

There are more forms coming soon. They have already been built and the report formatting is currently in progress. With that being said, I would like to discuss the priority for the remaining forms during the User Group to assist with the main ones sooner if possible.

Participant Work Hours and eXPRS Billing
When a participant works, how are you currently tracking and billing for those hours in SETWorks and eXPRS? After some recent updates, we are able to add these working hours to the eXPRS billing reports so I'd love to discuss that as a group.

And that's all I have for now. We look forward to meeting with everyone tomorrow!